What People Are Saying About 'Calling Men'

Many woman have spoken to me of how much they enjoyed the book Calling Men: The Complete Guide to Calling and Texting the Men You Date.

This book is full of practical suggestions and surprising insights into how men think.

The real-life examples of actual situations are invaluable to anyone who asks the question, "Should I call him?"

Most women don't know what Mimi knows, but YOU will after reading this wonderful book.

You've done it again, Mimi!

Bob Grant, L.P.C.
Author of The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave

Mimi Tanner is simply one of the best when it comes to writing to women on the art of finding and keeping a great man. She has become well-known on a global scale in a relatively short time. Why? Because she covers highly in-demand subjects with a flair and disarming friendliness that is unequalled.

Her book "Calling Men" is truly a magnum opus when it comes to dealing with one of the most frustrating problems women face in the dating world: How to handle calling and text messaging men.

You know the feeling as I do, I'm sure. You want to give him every opportunity to call you first, but you also want 100% control over your dating life. What to do? Mimi lays it all out for you in logical steps that are a blast to read.

Take this rare opportunity to get a glimpse of Mimi's top-notch book (which is literally packed with info).

Relationship Coaches Scot and Emily McKay
Hosts of "X and Y on the Fly" Podcasts

"I Wish I'd Had This Book Months Ago!"

Dear Mimi,

I've just read your new book, "Calling Men" straight through for the *third* time. I must say, your book is brilliant. And I'm sure you've heard this before, but I wish I had this book months (or maybe years) ago.

Recently I exchanged numbers with an attractive man, and I was a "good girl" and let him call me first. He did.... asking me out to dinner... but he ended up leaving two voicemails because I wasn't available when he called.

Encouraged by this, I stupidly sent him a text message later that night... just to acknowledge his calls, I rationalized. (Mistake number one!) He promptly ignored it, which of course bothered/puzzled me.

Then, emboldened by the fact that he'd asked me to dinner in the first place, I called him a few days later. (Mistake number two!)

I happened to call him at a bad time (and the cell phone reception was bad to boot), and he politely brushed me off. And he didn't call back that night, as he said he would.

Well, needless to say, I felt terrible about calling him. What a mistake! I wish I had listened to you!

Your e-book rocks. The advice is 100% dead-on. Every mother should make this required reading for their teenage daughters.

-- R., Toronto., Canada

"You Communicate In A Language Women Understand, While Teaching Us About Men"

Mimi, thank you for all of your wonderful hard work and dedication to helping us translate "the mysterious language and culture of men." lol!

I have been reading your messages and ebooks for a few years, now, along with the work of some others dedicated to the same. While some of the other authors (who are men) offer very valuable information, you honorably keep it in perspective by *the way you communicate to us* that we are still women.

That is, this is a learning process of things that we do not naturally know, like learning a foreign language, rather than making us wrong for not knowing all there is to know about men.

You communicate to us in language women understand, while teaching us about men. I thank you so much for that!

"I Feel Like a New Me Is Born"

Thank you, Mimi,

You gave us such a great book. I feel like a new me is born. I will drop those unworthy men like a bad habit. They aren't worth my valuable time.

Thank you so much!

-- Grace

"Your Book Has Worked So Well For Me"

"Mimi, Thank you so much for helping us in our relationships. Your book 'Calling Men' is nothing but the truth. It has worked so well for me, especially since I'm recently divorced and have found myself back on the dating scene.

"Before I got married I'd never really had problems meeting or befriending men, but when it came to romantic involvement, I admit that I hadn't always given men enough chance to chase. This often made me seem weak and desperate. Now I am feeling more powerful, self-confident and in control as I have given myself options by not exclusively dating the first man who shows romantic interest. I have enjoyed myself more by allowing men to approach and contact me first.

"Not always being available for them works well too. It's good to give men the opportunity to think about me, the last time we went on a date and miss me for a change.

"Mimi, it feels great!"

-- K.

"A Huge Penny Dropped In My Brain"

Dear Mimi,

I'm only on page 54 and you've made my day, brightened up my spirits, made me laugh and I've rung some friends to go out for drinks tonight!

Your new book is a real pearl. From starting off the day feeling sorry for myself, seeing everything black, depressing no future, etc., - I'm feeling like Marilyn Monroe or Angelina Jolie now. Bring 'em on!

To be honest, I'm going to do a slow reading to REPROGRAM. While I'm not ringing men at all, and have never been a proponent of ringing a lot, now with your book and insights into HOW RINGING READS to other people a huge penny dropped in my brain.

I'm still reading!


"Once Again, You've Pointed the Laser Light"

"Once again, you've written a book which points the laser light on the one problem women want to know about!"

Author Terry Hernon MacDonald
Marry Smart (book) and Dating Advice Almost Daily (Blog)

"The Words on the Page Were So Clear"

"I found this book by a miracle I think. I was having a bad night which could have been a bad turning point if I had not read this.

"I am in a non-committed relationship. I'm really getting to know someone who is very slow to open up to me. But if I had made the bad decision to try and lead with an "innocent" phone call last night, that would have killed it...

"Those words on the pages were so clear. I was having a weak moment, and if this book had not been there, I think I would have folded...

"Even with this new way of thinking, there are sometimes slippery slopes. :) But not last night, and not for the future until he calls me.

"So, my gratitude to you, Mimi. :) Cheers!"

The Way You Handle Calls and Text Messages
Makes All The Difference In Getting Him To
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